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Suggested Car Wash Maintenance

Maintenance to be performed daily:

Wash down bay(s),

Test each bay meter by inserting coin, token, credit card and/or bill (applicable items) to insure acceptance and smooth operation,

Pickup debris and empty trash receptacles,

Initiate bay cycle, verify proper pressure, inspect for leaks and operation,

Activate vacuums, test suction, inspect hose(s) and attachment(s),

Operate bill changer, check bill acceptance and proper change,

Test vendors for coin/bill acceptance and activation,   

Examine oil level and condition for pumps,

Examine oil level and condition for air compressor and

Check chemical levels.


Maintenance to be performed weekly:

Empty vacuum debris bins and clean dust filters,

Sweep or wash-down paved surfaces,

Maintain landscaping and/or lawn,

Measure residue level in sediment traps,

Drain condensed water from air compressor tank (if applicable),

Check 24 hour timers for lighting and water softener regeneration,

Refill water softener brine reservoir and

Restock vendors.


Maintenance to be performed monthly:

Lubricate locks with graphite,

Adjust light timer settings,

Replace pre-filter(s) for reverse osmosis system,

Lubricate pump seals (if applicable) and

Inspect pump drive belts for wear and adjust tension.


Maintenance to be performed at 500 hours of operation:

Change high-pressure pump and air compressor oil,

Replace vacuum dust filter bags and

Replace activated carbon media for reverse osmosis system.


Maintenance to be performed annually:

Clean walls and parking lot with pressure washer and

Paint exposed building metal.


Required maintenance to be performed as needed :

Inspect hoses, trigger guns, nozzles and brushes for wear,

Repair all leaks,

Replace pump seals and/of valves at the first indication of pulsation, leaks or wear,

Clean or replace reverse osmosis membrane when reduction of permeate is evident,

Remove graffiti, dated signs or deteriorated banners,

Replace worn or frayed bay and/or vacuum components,

Replace faded or torn/cut decals and

Clean-out sediment traps before cogging occurs.


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