CustomKraft VFD System®


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CustomKraft’s variable frequency drive system reduces components and increases versatility,
allowing up to eight different adjustable motor speeds.  The system is manufactured in both a
stacked and bench style configuration.




The system operates similar to the original CustomKraft MultiPressure System® with fewer components and smoother operation.  Any cycle may be delivered with hot or cold water and up to eight (8) adjustable operating pressures.  Pressures may be adjusted from 100 pounds per square inch (psi) up to 1800 psi. 

Once a cycle is selected, the delivery line is purged with high-pressure; as the solution reaches the bay, the motor slows to a preset speed, delivering the selected product at the desired pressure.




Exclusive features for the variable frequency drive (VFD) unit include:

Tubular stainless steel stacked frame for spatial efficiency with component accessibility.

Hinged stainless steel electrical boxes with lock-out for flexibility and safety.

Clear acrylic flush mount tank lids with “drop-in” design for easier access to chemical tanks. 

Super E Baldor® 5 horsepower 3 phase motor for increased electrical efficiency (NEMA nominal efficiency rating 90.5%).

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for bay reliability and versatility (see Light Touch meter box).

Variable frequency drive unit is capable of up to eight (8) different motor speeds with “soft start” to increase electrical efficiency and reduce component fatigue.

Single pump/tank unit for fewer connections and easier installation.  Available in separate modules for mobility (modules must be connected on-site).

Overall reduction of components to further increase system reliability. 

Equipment options:

Piezoelectric switch “Light Touch” coin meter.

Built-in hour meter and Ethernet port.

The “Gripper” remote bay controller.

Modem accessible data.

Features standard on CustomKraft VFD units:

Stainless steel tubular frames with anodized aluminum backboard.

Baldor energy efficient motors, 5 horsepower three phase (unit will operate on single or three phase without changing motors).

Cat 5CP2120W plunger pump(s) capable of 4 gallons per minute (gpm) at 2500 psi with a lifetime warranty discharge manifold, set to deliver 3.6 gpm at 1250 psi (also available with Cat 310W).

Flange mounts for easy pump removal and maintenance.

Hinged stainless steel electrical enclosures, with lock-out on high voltage for safety.

Individually fused 100 VA transformers for each bay with an additional auxiliary transformer for tank
level control, freeze protection and foam board operation.

Single point primary voltage connection for each electrical box with on-board disconnects.

Owner bay start buttons with timer reset.

Timing belt drive for 99% power efficiency (available in direct drive).

ABS plastic belt guard with single thumb latch that totally encloses drive system for unsurpassed

Modular inlet solenoid manifold for full port feed, insuring bay to bay consistency (all bays soap alike and wax alike).

Inlet manifold is equipped with stainless steel interchangeable seats and Viton® seals.

     Lighted plug-in (DIN) connectors for all solenoids for simple diagnostics.

Color-coded components and wiring systems.

Copper inlet manifolds with all fittings crimped for lasting durability.

Dixmor® Weep Miser® controller for efficient flow control for the weep system.

Individual stainless steel chemical tanks for gravity flow on all cycles.

Crydom® float switch for positive fluid level controls on high volume tanks.

Hydrominder® automatic chemical proportioning valves for low volume tanks.

     Synflex® high-pressure thermal plastic delivery hose to eliminate residual chemical and permit
freezing without hose failure.

Sensortron® electronic coin acceptance in all components.

Dixmor® LED 7 (bilingual) display timers with last minute horn.

Full-face Lexan® coin box decal for attractive durability.

Plug-in terminal strip to allow easy removal of bay meter face during maintenance operations.

Full system manual, operating animation and diagnostics provided.

Customer educational seminars provided with classroom and hands-on laboratory.


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