CustomKraft® Time Belt Drive

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CustomKraft has designed the optimum drive system to be efficient, flexible and durable. The CustomKraft Timing Belt Drive uses a standard motor sprocket, timing belt, bushings and CustomKraft's T-6 aluminum pump sprocket. The ABS Plastic Belt Guard totally encloses the
drive system for safety.

Timing Belt Drive













CustomKraft Timing Belt Drive System

CustomKraft’s timing belt drive system enables peak performance while offering the versatility of a belt drive system. The unit is 99% efficient, thus, utilizing the total horsepower of the motor. The timing belt requires no adjustment after initial set-up and has a 10-year life expectancy. Reduced belt slippage lowers operating temperature and drive wear.

CustomKraft’s T-6 aluminum sprocket weighs much less than ordinary timing belt sprockets. The reduced weight minimizes belt breakage and fraying, as well as, the “flywheel effect” at the end of
a selection.

CustomKraft ABS Plastic Belt Guard

CustomKraft’s ABS (acrylonitrile butadien stryrene) high-impact plastic belt guard is a two-piece assembly, which detaches with a single finger latch. The guard totally encloses the drive system for ultimate safety. The base of the belt guard is fixed, with the top opening fully to expose the drive assembly.


A single bolt located on the front of the motor base allows for easy pump and motor maintenance
as well as the initial belt tensioning adjustment.

CustomKraft’s equipment is ETL & CETL listed.


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