CustomKraft® Super 12 Meters

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The CustomKraft Super 12-function unit offers your customer complete car care. The system
offers twelve functions and three operating pressures. Choices for bay control boxes include coin
only acceptance, coin or bill acceptance and optional credit card validation.


CustomKraft uses a variety of components to Offer Everything Your Customer Wants

The CustomKraft Super 12-function unit is the most advanced self-service system available. It provides an unsurpassed market advantage with unique features and cycles, as well as extended vending times per customer. The system is standard with 12-functions and three operating pressures. Any cycle may be delivered with hot or cold water, and with low-pressure, medium-pressure or high-pressure. Lower pressures are adjustable from 50 psi to full operating pressure. Typical settings are 100 psi for low-pressure, 250-400 psi for medium-pressure and 1100-1300 psi for high-pressure. Maximum recommended discharge pressure is 1750 psi.

Standard cycles are:

  • Tire Cleaner
  • Wheel & Chrome
  • Presoak
  • Soap
  • Foam Brush
  • Tri-color Foam Gun
  • Gloss Wax
  • Bug-Off
  • Rinse
  • Spot-free
  • Rubber Protect
  • Stop

Custom cycles available upon request.

Color-coding and Sequential Numbering

The stainless steel bay control box and laminated aluminum menu sign use color-coded Lexan®
decals to focus attention to the point of sale and brighten the bay. Control wiring and solenoids use
the corresponding color-code throughout the system. All cycles are placed in order of desirable application to clarify proper operation for your customer. Intake solenoids are coded by color and organized in order of operation. Solenoid coils utilize lighted NEMA rated connectors to indicate
cycle in use and aid in system diagnosis.

Installation and Adjustments

The CustomKraft MultiPressure® system is the simplest to install and most versatile self-service equipment. Each bay has single delivery lines for the center-mount, foam brush and foam gun booms. This patented system eliminates the need for in-bay check valves, bundles of delivery lines to each
bay and numerous low-pressure delivery pumps.

One bay – One pump

Desired delivery pressures may be factory set or field adjustable. Pressure adjustments are made by regulating the secondary by-pass flow rate. Automatic proportioning valves in the stainless steel tank
set control chemical concentrations. Final chemical mixtures are gravity-fed to the pump and are not diluted in the pump manifold, providing uniformity in chemical concentration in all bays.

CustomKraft’s equipment is ETL & CETL listed.


CustomKraft Industries 4611 W. Bethany North Little Rock, Arkansas 72117
501-955-5959 800-869-1448 Fax: 501-945-3408