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Owning a CustomKraft car wash can be very profitable.

CustomKraft carwashes consistently earn an excellent return, protecting your investment from inflation and economic turmoil.  CustomKraft systems have easily accessible components and are engineered for durability for years of trouble-free operation.

CustomKraft self-service systems are manufactured for your site and business plan. Carwashes can produce income from otherwise dormant property, using lot sizes as small as 100’ x 120’.  Facility designs may combine self-service and automatic carwashes optimizing market share.

Efficient Systems + Repeat Customers = More Income

CustomKraft’s innovative patented MultiPressure System® attracts customers by offering 12 selections per bay (50% more than other systems) and has only one hose per boom; that’s about 80% fewer hoses than other self-service equipment.  Customers stay in the bay longer, increasing your income from each customer.  CustomKraft low-pressure selections are delivered 400% faster than other systems improving customer satisfaction.

CustomKraft’s affordable and efficient use of components comes from over 26 years of manufacturing and ownership experience. CustomKraft has a trained global distributor network that specializes in carwash equipment and can advise you on the best layout and selections for your location.

Testimonials from real CustomKraft customers

"We cannot say enough good things about CustomKraft! Everything from construction to service delivery has been a great experience. We have received so many compliments from our customers about how well our carwash equipment works. We are so pleased with our CustomKraft carwash."

Kyle and Hailey Vaughn
Caraway, AR

"CustomKraft offers a superior product with excellent field and on-going technical support long after the sale. We expanded after 5 years and added 2 more bays, and once again went to CustomKraft for those very reasons. After a 7 year relationship with CustomKraft we have found that Gary and his team will do what they say they will do."

Robert Duncan, P&R Duncan Enterprises
Artesia, NM

"I own three CustomKraft car washes and would not choose any other equipment vendor. My first CustomKraft installation was 16 years ago and like my 1995 Honda Accord, it keeps going and going... CustomKraft has created the gold standard in car wash equipment"

Kemp Childs
Jonesboro, AR

"CustomKraft's service started with the initial order, and carried through to the delivery. We not only received our equipment, well packed and shipped without damage, but we received visual documentation of what was shipped and how it was packaged. None of the other suppliers performed to that level... CustomKraft has revolutionized the industry with the patented single hose delivery system, a system that is now copied industry wide. The company continues to spend large dollars on research and development."

Larry Vandermay, Flying Dutchman Carwash
Olga, OR

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